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Some tips to have a good understanding and pleasure of Using Yachts

Specify to the owner of the yacht the numbers of people you think invite on board the yacht to be sure that the yacht will be in order according to the safety criteria.

  • Ask what kind of fuel the yacht requires, in case a refueling is needed when using the yacht.
  • Find out if the navigation area you plan to use
  • The navigation of late evening or night is different than the day, knowledge of navigation instruments GPS / RADAR is essential.
  • You must be able to communicate with a resource person at all times, the use of a cell phone is essential.
  • If you are not familiar with flying a yacht, ask for a competent and experienced person to pilot the yacht, why not the owner himself or an experienced captain. Do not hesitate to contact us for references concerning competent and professional captains.
  • The registration of the yacht (identification of the owner of the yacht) must be on board yacht as well as its proof of insurance, discuss with the owner of the aspect marine insurance concerning this type of hiring.
  • The reference site for navigation in USA territory:
  • Knowledge of the weather is essential, have on hand tools (cell, tablet or other) so you can be informed of weather conditions at all times.
  • Take for granted that unless otherwise noted, rentals do not include fuel, beverages, food and marinas costs (when traveling) and any other expenses associated with your travel.
  • Discuss the responsibility of each one concerning the appearance of anomaly (s) caused or not by your use, if the hiring is interrupted by an anomaly, what are the clauses provided for this purpose.
  • Who takes care of the cleaning of the yacht on return, this should be part of the lease.

Small advice to sell your pleasure yacht:

Please specify the type of yacht, its version, year of launching, shipyard, category of navigation, modifications made, options (road trailer, launching, engine, equipment, berth, etc. its home port, and the safety equipment on board. Do not forget to indicate the price (determining in the choice of offers), your telephone numbers, fax or e-mail, and indicate the case where to get information, which are essential elements.


It may be interesting, especially for a series yacht to mention the elements that can make the difference to other “competing” yachts. Presence of radar, electronic card reader, recent anti-osmosis treatment etc. is to be mentioned.


In the same way, it is stimulating for the prospective purchaser to claim the possibility of a berth, wintering or mooring, even temporarily.

The inventory of the yacht an indispensable asset:

A very good approach is to specify “inventory on demand”, having prepared a complete and accurate document. Attach one or more photos of the yacht to this inventory when it is sent to its contacts, to improve the scope of this essential document that can be added to the sales contract.

Digital marketing – A digital platform for a digital era

It is the term which was found in 1990s which refers to as the optimal usage of the online media platforms for marketing a product or a service or anything which is of value in any form which is mainly done through internet and other digital technologies such as mobile phones, televisions, radio and any form of other display advertising medium or a gadget. Digital marketing Malaysia has immensely changed the way marketers utilize technology in advertising and marketing the same products and services now days. There are a variety of digital marketing tools available such as SEO, content automation, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), online marketing campaigns, data-drivenmarketing and e-commerce marketing, social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising and numerous more.

Its non-linear marketing approach: –

In the complexity of the retail environment it has become a challenge to understand and manage the needs and demands of the customer and keep them engaged. To overcome such a situation, most of the retailers have now shifted from linear marketing approach which involved one way communication to a non-linear marketing approach in which a free flowing two way communication that helps keep both the parties engaged on a regular basis to help understand each other’s need and value. Awareness can be created online through various different social websites, blogs and pages that are nested on the internet and have adequate amount of followings. Not only this, through a non-linear marketing approach its helps to target masses altogether.

Awareness through digital marketing:-

Digital marketing helps the most in making awareness regarding the product or service as well as awareness of the brand and not only that, helps in maintaining a good image of the brand and its products and services offered. Its basic aim is to engage customers and allow them to interact with the brand by servicing and delivering hem through the digital media platforms. MLM Digital Marketing Malaysia helps to maintain a competitive edge. For this the marketers focus more on the social media platforms to create a channel of information.

Through the social media interactions not only does the company provide its customers with in-depth information but also helps them to take feedbacks from the customers and create a marketing plans and make improvements on the products and service accordingly. Also, by understanding the consumer behaviour through channelizing SEMs it helps the companies to keep a track on the research patterns of its customers on their brand as well as its competitive brands.

Working with the digital era:-

With people getting more and more technologically equipped and internet savvy, it has got easy to get indulged with them and maintain a happy customer-seller relationship. Also, with more and more people getting interactive over the digital platforms it has become a boon for the marketing companies to conduct a marketing campaign more efficiently and effectively. Brands are now stepping stones on side to side basis with the new trends that are being adopted by people and digital media i.e. the new media is one of them.


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