Big Boat Series Experiences Big Winds

With 18-22 knots of west and southwest being the forecast, there were 76 teams prepping up and started their 1st day of Big Boat Series. There was a perfect alignment of weather seen in the St Francis Yacht Club’s Rolex Big Boat Series which started from September 13th and continue until 16th September.

Susan Ruhne, the co-chair of the regatta, said he was truly happy with all 3 ORR classes. Although it is the most competitive and robust handicap fleet the company has had in many years, Ruhne is all happy with the 1st race conducted each day.

There are some fleets with finishes taking place off the Racedeck. This is indeed unique and will bring race to clubhouse windows. The ones taking part in the Class ORR-B started their day with the Treasure Island race course. The flood tide was getting longer, but the fastest teams found maximum relief at the City front.

Charlie Enright, the tactician of Julian Mann’s CandC 30 said that it was his 3rd or 4th Rolex Big Boat Series. However, it was the first time that he did only Big Boat Series and not pre-Worlds. Enright said they left the dock around early evening and came back in the evening around 6 pm.

They sailed the boat for almost 2 weeks in the Caribbean and Julian Mann, the owner is an old friend who sailed a race for Oman. As per Enright, the condition was better as they saw 18 knots with flat seas. The strategy of the team is to improve further as the week continues, make no mistakes and just keep it close similar to golf.

The fast waters provided chances for many leaderboard changes such as the Pac52s, Invisible Hand, and more. There are many sailors who pay least or no attention to weather conditions, but give their best in all that they do.

Internet – The Best Gift By Advanced Technology

Today’s generation has advanced in all spheres. With time the world has evolved and taken up its fair chance in improving from all sides. The inventions and discovery by different scientists and their achievements are remarkable. Technology as an advanced form of science has been a blessing in these years. It has brought to us various things which were completely unknown before. The internet is one of them and that has given a whole new dimension to our life. There are so many things which are associated to internet in some way or the other. The links have crept into our lives in various ways.

Why is internet so important?

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The service providers

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